KY702Crawler Tractor
Category: Crawler Tractor  Publish Time: 2015-05-14 16:26 

KY702Crawler Tractor

1.With hydraulic turning and automatic transmission, it’s simple and comfortable for operating, travelling is easy to control, and turning is flexible. Right hand controls the turning, left hand controls the forward and backward travelling and the speeds as well as the up and down of the tools.

2. The machine is of compact structure and convenient for maintenance.

3.High adaptability, it can be operated on the water fields, dry fields and slope fields, suitable for plain areas and mountain areas.

4.Strong power, strong grade ability, it can pass the ridges conveniently and flexibly.

5.It’s of multi-purposes with optional tools, such as rotary cutters for dry fields, rotary cutters for water fields, tie ridgers, furrowers, ploughs etc.

6.The position of driving wheel is high, with high min. ground clearance, suitable for deep mud fields.

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