Rice husking and milling machine
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 Rice husking and milling machine
The rice mill RM6.3/4 is a combine rice husking and milling machine, specially designed and improved at many user’s requests and by taking advantages of advanced rice hullers and rice mills at home and abroad.

The machine is comprised of rice huller, rice mill and husk separator. It can continuously conduct the processing operations from rice husking to rice milling and polishing, and at the same time discharge the rice husk and rice bran out of the machine separately for collecting by cloth bag conveniently. If polished rice is not needed, the rice husking operation can be performed separately to make unpolished rice. The machine is of high husking rate, high milling rice rate, less broken rice, good rice quality and low energy consumption.


The machine can be equipped with motor and installed in fixed place for processing operation, or be placed on tricycle or minivan to realize mobile door-to-door processing. The machine is of novel design, compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance, it’s the best choice for grain processing individuals and businessmen in the vast rural areas especially in the hilly rural areas for fixed places rice processing or mobile rice processing.


1. Novel design, compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Adopts high quality rubber covered rollers.

3. Makes brown rice (rice husking), plumule rice and white rice (rice milling) in one machine.

Brown rice and plumule rice keep nutrition of the rice and is good for health.       

4. Rice husk and rice bran collected separately and conveniently.             

5. High husking rate and high milling rate.

6. Less broken rice and good rice quality.

7. High production and low energy consumption.

8. Suitable for fixed places rice processing and for mobile rice processing.

9. Suitable for family application and for business purposes.





Sizes              (L*W*H)           (mm)


Weight                               (kg)


Production                            (kg/h)

150 - 250


Rated output            (kw)


Voltage / VHZ 

220V  /  50HZ

Fan speed                              (rpm)

4100  /  2780

Rotating speed of rice milling spindle       (rpm)


Rotating speed of rice hulling spindle

Fast spindle    (rpm)


Slow spindle    (rpm)


Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.


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