Company Introduction

KYM Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited (hereinafter refers to as KYM) is a group company, including an agricultural machinery manufacturing company and a construction machinery manufacturing company. As the key manufacturing base in China for agricultural machinery and constructional machinery, KYM is located in the Luchuan Northern Industrial Area in the south China’s Guangxi province. KYM was established in 2005, specializes in agricultural and constructional machinery research and development, manufacturing and sales. KYM boasts an annual manufacturing capacity of 10000 harvesters, 10000 cultivators, 6000 tractors, 6000 excavators and 3000 rotary drilling rigs currently.

The leading products of KYM include rice combine harvesters, mini cultivators, agricultural tractors, mini hydraulic excavators, rotary drilling rig etc. The company owns independent intellectual properties for all these leading products. KYM is the first enterprise developing and producing half-feeding mini rice harvesters in south China, and the first enterprise developing and successfully massively producing such harvesters in China.

With a very strong technical team, KYM reaches an advanced level in new technology development and product quality control. The company boasts first class producing equipments and advance and perfect production technology, to ensure good quality of the product.

KYM is planned and constructed at a high starting point, managed and operated normatively according to modern enterprise and high requirements, realizing quick starting and steady development. KYM is a learning and innovative organization, abides by the enterprise spirit “Advance Bravely and Never Give Up”, pursues the humanistic philosophy “Respect, Care, Exertion and Expansion”, and the talent concept of “Those who meeting post requirements are talents”, engages in building a career stage for each post and providing a development space for each employee.

KYM has passes the certifications of “Guangxi Provincial Level Enterprise Technology Center”, and the “China National Level High and New Technology Enterprise”. The company assumed various provincial and municipal scientific research programs.

KYM harvester has obtained the “Agricultural Machinery Promotion Certificate” issued by the Chinese National Ministry of Agriculture In 2010. In 2012, the company was awarded “Designated Manufacturer of Special Needed Commodities for Minorities” by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission

The KYM self-propelling half-feeding mini rice combine harvester is a brand new product with independent intellectual property. The harvester has more than 10 technical patents including 3 invention patents. Its operating principle and structural formation are ingenious. It has obvious advantages in the lightness, flexibility and cost performance, is the rice harvester that most suitable for generalization currently.

KYM engages in building a world famous enterprise by gathering human wisdom, works hard, and reinforces the major work to achieve continuous development. KYM strives for the first brand of the half-feeding mini rice harvester and for the new benchmark of the rice harvester in China.